Hoot ETV

The world’s first ETV™, the HOOT® is a new concept in power sports, revolutionizing the management of extreme off road conditions. Produced by Knox Outdoor Products, this Extreme Terrain Vehicle, or ETV™, is an upgrade of a traditional 4-wheeler in terms of its agility on land and water, as well as dependability and safety. The patented feature of the HOOT® is a drive system that eliminates the need for a traditional transmission. The skid steering incorporates a proprietary technology in which handlebars, not a standard lever, apply the braking pressure. The skid steer mechanism creates a near zero turn radius, resulting in unparalleled maneuverability in and around trees. This same system also means that belt changes are a snap and components are easy to locate and repair. The six wheels increase safety and stability on land and in water. Whether the destination is a duck hunt on flooded property or an ice-fishing trip, this amphibious vehicle helps keep the rider out of harm’s way. With its 6-wheel drive and multiple safety features, it climbs steep banks and fallen timber with ease, increasing access to the backcountry.
  • Drivetrain: 6 Wheel Drive
  • Engine: 426cc 15hp 4 stroke Kohler
  • Top Speed: 25 mph
  • Transmission: Automatic Torque-Grip
Hoot ETV
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  • Item #: Hoot ETV
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Price $6,900.00
Sale Price $5,000.00