Star Electric Golf Cart

• Six 8V (48V) or six 6V (36V) Trojan Batteries • 2 passengers • 5.5HP DC motor (48V) or 4HP DC motor (36V) • 400 amp (48V) or 300 amp (36V) Curtis programmable controller with regenerative braking • Rear view mirrors on both sides • Retractable seat belts (48V only) • Functional front and rear bumpers • Curtis battery indicator • Horn, reverse beep, parking brake • Head lights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals • 48V or 36V to 12V voltage reducer for all accessories • Foldable tinted windshield • 10-inch Aluminum wheels • Plastic battery box • Aluminum diamond plate or Stainless steel side rails • Tan or white seats • Golf bag holder with sweater basket • Rear scuff guards • Off-white molded plastic roof with grab handles • Automatic battery charger included • 16mph - 23mph maximum speed • 94”Lx47”Wx72”H • Two-year limited warranty Options: • LSV (NEV) Package • 10:1 High Speed rear end • Woodgrain dash, steering wheel, seat back Body Color: YELLOW RED WHITE METALLIC GREEN BLACK ALMOND PEARL NAVY
Star Electric Golf Cart
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  • Item #: Star-36-2-Star-48-2
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Price $4,900.00