Joyner Commando C4 650cc 4x4

Polished 12" Wheels on Joyner 27" Dirt Tires, Rear Receiver Hitch, Front Mounted Winch, Digital Dash and Switch Panel, Push Button on Command 2WD/4WD, 500lb Payload Dump Bed, 1000lb Towing Capacity, 4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Emergency/Parking Brake, 4PT Quick Release Harness Seat Belts on Bucket Seats and Under Seat Storage.
  • Drivetrain: Push button 2wd/4wd lsd
  • Engine: 644cc 2 cylinder, 4 stroke Isuzu
  • Top Speed: 30-38mph
  • Transmission: 4 spd manual with reverse
Joyner Commando C4 650cc 4x4
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  • Item #: Commando C4
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Price $9,499.00